With his original pilot "Beer Me," Diego was a semifinalist of the 2017 PlayStation Emerging Filmmakers Program.
Diego earned enough prize money to buy himself a PS4.

SPACE! (Pilot/Comedy/Animation): 
A workplace comedy aboard the International Space Station. When a meteor destroys Earth, five stranded humans on the ISS must survive each other.

Legend of Zelda (Spec/Adult):
Trapped in different timelines, Link and Zelda must defeat Ganondorf and bring peace to Hyrule in this Game of Thrones-like retelling of the legend.

Coyote and Juan (Minisode/Animated/Children):
A modern day, animated fable about the dangerous trip families endure to cross the U.S. - Mexico border

Rick and Morty (Spec/Animation):
We learn about Jerry's Balloon game in this one, brah! We get Froyo afterwards, dawg!

We Bare Bears (Spec/Animated/Children):
"Purple Bear." After Ice Bear has an identity crisis when an oil spill dyes his fur purple, Grizzly and Panda try to save their brother and, accidentally, the environment.

Bed and Breakfast (Pilot/Comedy/Animation):
To keep their sad Bed and Breakfast afloat, a college freshman and her family compete with the BnB across the street run by frat-guys dressed up as a Waffle and a Mattress.

Undocumented (Pilot/Sitcom):
An eleven-year-old Venezuelan boy and his dysfunctional, undocumented, and hardcore Catholic family struggle to find their place in America.

Beer Me (Pilot/Dramedy):
After the tragic death of their master brewer, the workers at Adult Formula Brewing Company must do everything they can to survive in the competitive business that is getting people drunk.

Red Carded (Pilot/Comedy/Sports):
Seeking more press than wins, the Atlanta Ashes F.C. (the Jacksonville Jaguars of soccer) sign William Crawford, an individualistic, scandal-prone striker whose presence threatens to destroy the club.

Red Carded Mini Bible:
Series Proposal for Red Carded. A short document describing the series, its characters, example episodes, and why we should produce it!

ArtFest (Pilot/Animated/Children):
Stu and his friends give away any chance of teenage normalcy to sell overpriced, crappy art at the weirdest traveling Arts and Crafts Festival.

Weekend at Justice Scalia's (Sketch/Comedy):
A group of Republicans try to pretend Antonin Scalia is still alive to prevent Barack Obama from appointing a new Supreme Court Justice.